Training & Development of Staff

Caring Direct is at the forefront of supporting staff through training and ongoing development.

Caring Direct ensures that all staff are given full training and ongoing support throughout their term of employment. Caring Direct adopt a training and development programme that requires a well structured  initial induction training, prior to any provision of care.

Caring Direct provides the opportunity for Care Workers to receive Induction Training at our dedicated Training Centre with qualified training staff. Caring Direct also provides a formal course of learning, learning workbooks, online learning opportunities and the provision to shadow an experienced colleague prior to providing care.

From the outset staff undergo a comprehensive training procedure which includes the following... 

  • 4 Day Induction Course (Standards 1 – 8)
  • Moving and Handling
  • Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults (SOVA)
  • Infection Control
  • Safe Food Hygiene
  • Administration of Medication
  • Fire Awareness
  • Introduction to First Aid
  • Mental Capacity Training
  • Dementia
  • Palliative Care
  • Bereavement and Coping With Loss
  • Pressure Area Care
  • Catheter Care
  • Stoma Care
  • PEG Feeding
  • NVQ Level 2,3,4,5 subject to experience