Assistance In and Out of Bed

Moving a person in and out of bed is a paramount factor in promoting their independence. Service users are often extremely keen to regain mobility after an illness or long period of time in hospital. Others may need assistance getting in and out of bed, to or from a chair or wheelchair.

In all cases, moving a person in or out of a bed should be done properly by trained professionals to avoid risk of harm to the service user.

All Caring Direct healthcare workers are trained in the moving and handling of service users and in working with necessary apparatus such as hoisting equipment.

Assistance in getting in and out of bed is more often than not included in all care services provided by Caring Direct and where requested. Times may vary and consideration given to the times that you like to wake in the morning or return to bed at night.

Key workers are always assigned to work with you and review any change in mobility concerns that may prevent you from getting in and out of bed as you would like.

Where mobility concerns are identified, your key worker will be able to arrange for or direct you to providers of hoisting equipment and other apparatus that will assist in your on-going independence.

Assistance in and out of bed

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