Returning Home From Hospital

Returning home from hospital can be a time of mixed feelings. You probably will have been looking forward to getting home again; your family and friends may be excited too at the prospect of having you near to them once more.

It is not uncommon that, as your hospital discharge approaches, you may also have some worries about how you will cope. Will the care you have currently experienced whilst in hospital remain once you return home?

It is at this stage you may wish to contact the Caring Direct team who will meet with you, your family or your friends to discuss the perfect care solution at an affordable rate.

You will not be sent home from hospital until you have been assessed by a doctor who will confirm that you are medically fit to go. Each local area will have its own discharge arrangements, however there are some concerns that will need to be addressed and relevant to the care that you will need once at home again.

In order for Caring Direct to provide safe care in your own home, you will need to give consideration to having necessary equipment in place. For example, it may be necessary to ensure that you are able to get into the home, up any steps that may be present, or through door frames whilst navigating around furniture. Many of these things can be done with minimal disruption and very little expense.

It is also important to ensure that procedures are in place to enable you to get in and out of bed safely. The bed may need to be brought downstairs, moved to another room, or hoisting apparatus or a stair lift may need to be installed.

In some instances, the hospital may arrange for local community nurse teams to assess your care requirements whereby an assessment of your care needs in your own home will be addressed prior to discharge and their commissioning of a registered care agency to provide care.

In most circumstances, you will be required to arrange for your own care and face the daunting task of finding a reliable care provider to assist you with your care needs.

Caring Direct specialises in providing care to service users in their own home at an affordable rate. For many years we have worked closely with hospital teams, district nurses, family and friends to provide the perfect care solution.

Caring Direct can arrange for friendly, experienced care staff to meet and welcome you home. You will be provided the opportunity to meet with senior care staff whom will assess your care requirements and complete a comprehensive risk assessment in order to provide care in a safe environment.

Senior care staff will assess your medication requirements and suggest a schedule to ensure medication is administered safely and at the required times.

Wherever it may be necessary or required to arrange for adaptions to be made to your home, Caring Direct may be able to advise or direct you to an occupational therapist who will recommend appropriate action.

Many service users require equipment such as bath seats, raised toilet seats, walking frames, hoisting apparatus, grab rails, commodes and shower chairs in order that care is provided safely.

This need not be a daunting time in your life.

Return home from hospital with confidence and knowing that your care is being managed by our friendly, experienced team of care staff.

For more information or to request care for no fixed term, please contact the Caring Direct team on 01376 333657.

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