Night Care

Night Care

A good night’s sleep is considered to be an essential part of your care solution.

Caring Direct offer a flexible night service to support you throughout the night.

Night care may only be of a temporary concern, an ongoing part of your care plan or for agreed respite periods only.

Care staff can be provided to sit with you whilst you sleep or simply to be nearby ensuring you rest in comfort and with confidence.

Caring Direct can provide experience care staff to assist you into bed, manage night time medication and support you throughout the night.

Care staff will assist with any night time routine such as prompting medication, continence care, bathing, changing and washing bed sheets.

The presence of another person supporting your needs and reassuring you throughout the night can relieve the anxiety of waking alone, getting out of bed to use the toilet whilst you are feeling unsteady on your feet and preparing a drink or snack should it be required.

Night care can be included within your care plan from the first instance, added as necessary or simply provided during periods where your family would benefit from a period of respite.

Night time care is provided between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. although can be adapted to suit your needs and requirements.

A plan of care can be agreed in order that the night care staff will assist in your waking routine and also with you getting out of bed in the morning. Where care is to be provided by day staff thereafter, a handover of events throughout the night would take place in order to update care staff as necessary.

Generally, night care is considered to have a positive impact on your daily care requirements. A good night’s sleep may allow you to undertake more daily routine tasks, feeling relaxed and less confused promoting independence.

Contact the Caring Direct Team to discuss the option of night care on 01376 333657.

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